Growing together,
from Preschool to 8th Grade.

Los Gatos Christian School offers 11 grade level options on one campus in a welcoming, safe environment, keeping families together longer. Programs are available for students from 3 years of age through 8th grade.


Building lifelong relationships

Students who attend LGCS during their Preschool, Elementary and Middle School years benefit from the personal relationships they build with staff and teachers who have watched them grow and develop throughout their academic careers. The Los Gatos Christian School staff is dedicated to developing well-rounded students; academically, spiritually, socially and emotionally. While their years at Los Gatos Christian School prepare them for life, the relationships created are eternal.


The Value of a K - 8 Education

The United States is virtually the only nation where elementary school students spend time in a middle school or junior high before entering high school. The curricular and non-curricular benefits of a K-8 school have been written about in multiple studies. This is what educators, parents and nationally respected research institutes have concluded about the advantage of the K - 8 model:

Studies have found that 8th graders in K-8 school score significantly higher than those in stand-alone middle schools in reading, math and science.

Attendance, drop out rates, and student test scores are better for children attending K-8 schools.

It's the place where everybody knows your name. Teachers in K-8 settings are accustomed to teaming, planning together and working with the same group of students. They are also trained to bring a student-centered approach to their teaching. Middle school students often demonstrate a greater sense of respect and responsibility, knowing their elementary teachers are present.

Greater parent involvement. Parents are more inclined to stay connected to and involved in K-8 schools than in stand alone middle school - a factor that correlates highly with student success in school. Too frequently, parents disconnect when a child graduates from a K-5.

Leadership skills develop. The K-8 setting provides the ideal environment to begin fostering leadership in young adolescents. Older students serve in many capacities and undertake service projects, often acting as "Big Buddies" to students in younger grades. Middle school students serve in student government, participate in interscholastic athletic teams, and assist with school-wide activities throughout the year.

Higher self esteem, confidence and healthier adolescent development is shown in students who attend K - 8 schools.

Sources: American Association of School Administrators (AASA); National School Boards Association (NBBA); Regional Educational Laboratory (NWREL); Desert News (Marjorie Cortez); Philadelphia Education Fund (Keith Look): The Spokesmen Review


A track record of success

Nearly 100% of Los Gatos Christian School graduating 8th graders are accepted into at least one private high schools of their choice. In fact, Valley Christian High School offers Los Gatos Christian School graduates a Guaranteed Admissions Agreement (GAA) based on the sterling academic reputation we've earned.