Enrichment Programs

Elementary students participate in enrichment programs designed to provide our students with an exceptionally well-rounded education. Each week, students are given the opportunity to enhance their skills and develop their passion in the areas of Art, Music, Technology, STEAM activities, Spanish and Library.



LGCS students are introduced to the elements and principles of design through different media. Students learn to hone their skills in drawing, painting, and sculpture, and will study the impact of famous artists' works. As they progress, they'll learn linear perspective, composition, explore different drawing media, and advanced color theory. Students receive art instruction twice a month—an average of 60 minutes per session.


We are truly proud of the music program at LGCS. Students from Kindergarten - 3rd grade receive instruction twice a week for 30 minutes each session, while 4th and 5th graders attend music classes once a week for 45 minutes. All students in the program perform in the annual Christmas Concert and Spring Musical, as well as grade-level mini concerts.


Our instruction focuses on:


Students learn notation and rhythm through games, colors, numbers and improvisation. The students practice and understand steady beat, high and low, soft and loud, quarter note and quarter rest.

1st - 3rd Grade

Students are instructed in music theory in accordance with their cognitive development. Each concept is taught through sequences involving listening, singing, and movement. Students will focus on instrumental and vocal partner songs.


4th - 5th Grade

Students learn to play instruments, starting with the recorder and unconventional instruments (i.e. cups and buckets). Students will explore the affects of music on our everyday lives, and understand the difference between secular and religious music.


This before school program is available for students in 3rd - 8th grade. Instruments offered include saxophone, trumpet, percussion, flute and clarinet.



The Los Gatos Christian School Technology program centers around a State-of-the-Art Technology Center with dual boot iMacs to teach both Mac and PC operating systems. Elementary classes also share iPad carts so that students have access to touch technology in their classrooms. As part of our STEAM emphasis, elementary students also access the Digital Arts Learning Center and participate in weekly MakerSpace challenges designed by middle school students. LGCS Students learn to think critically and use problem solving skills while using today's technology tools to find solutions.

Kindergarten - 3rd grade students receive instruction once a week for 45 minutes, while 4th and 5th graders attend technology programs twice a week for 45 minutes each session.

Throughout the year, all students are encouraged to participate in activities such as the Hour of CodeGoogle Doodle, and Learn Storm.


Our instruction focuses on:

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Students are taught foundational skills and learn to navigate the MAC operating system. They focus on grade level appropriate activities using programs such as Word, Excel, and Power Point. Students complete projects that are integrated with classroom subjects and focus on becoming confident communicators and good digital citizens in a tech savvy world. The use of Ollie robots, podcasting, Google Drive and document collaboration are just some of the ways our students are demonstrating their love of 21st Century Learning skills.

3rd - 5th Grade

Students continue to build on the foundational tools learned in K - 2nd grades. Additionally, they are taught to effectively navigate the PC operating system and are challenged in the area of design thinking, creating 3-D models, testing protocols and developing prototypes to complete the design process. STEAM Principles of engineering and design are emphasized and allow students to use technology to create their own vision.



We believe learning a foreign language is an important part of a holistic education. Students in Kindergarten - 5th Grade are given Spanish instruction once a week for 30 minutes. Throughout the year, students will build vocabulary, learn to introduce themselves, pray, discuss a range of topics, learn to conjugate verbs, write words, and much more. The program also covers music, literature and other relevant cultural elements of Spanish speaking countries.



We aim to instill a love of reading in all of our students at Los Gatos Christian School. Our Library is an invaluable source of educational and recreational reading material that Kindergarten - 5th Grade students visit weekly. Our programs encourages active reading, and also, personal responsibility and care for books.

The Accelerated Reader(AR) Program is offered with thousands of titles available, and students' participation is rewarded with monthly competitions and individual prizes.