Educational Philosophy

Los Gatos Christian School’s philosophy is to approach educating students with a Biblical worldview. The faculty and staff are committed to respect and care for each student while providing an environment of academic excellence that prepares students for a Christ-centered life.


Get to know our ESLRS—Expected SchoolWide Learning Results


Academic Achievement

Demonstrated by students applying knowledge, mastering content-specific skills, and using a critical thinking approach in all subjects.


Demonstrated by students through effective writing, oral presentations, media, and technology.


Community Contributor

Demonstrated by students developing an awareness of the needs of others and serving their community.

Christian Character

Demonstrated by students exhibiting qualities as described in Romans 12 and displaying the ability to discern wisely, making honorable choices.


Our Stance on Homework

Los Gatos Christian School strives to reach a reasonable balance between class work and homework. Homework assignments are intended to reinforce and extend what's being taught in the classroom and serve as a tool for review of these concepts, as well as to assess student understanding of classroom instruction. Getting into a homework routine can motivate students to develop good work habits, and increase the opportunity for individual initiative and personal responsibility.

We play a role in the the assistance of parents in the raising of their children, which is why we have no desire to compromise family time. However, a mutual goal for academic excellence means that a certain amount of homework is necessary. In order to maintain high academic standards, students will need to spend more time on studies than the time that is available in class.


Los Gatos Christian School has set the following guidelines for teachers when assigning homework for their students:

Elementary grades expected homework minutes (exclusive of reading and special projects)



Grade 1


Grade 2


Grade 3


Grade 4


Grade 5



Nurturing performance through differentiated learning

Our mission at Los Gatos Christian School is to provide the richest possible learning experience to students with varying academic capabilities. Core academic subjects are designed to challenge students who are on grade level and advanced learners. Because we strive to achieve the goal of a 1:20 teacher/student ratio in K-2nd and a 1:25 ratio in 3rd-8th the pace of academic progress is both consistent and challenging.


Los Gatos Christian School provides the following differentiated educational opportunities:


Emerging, on grade level and advanced instruction is offered in K-5th grades. Students will benefit at every stage because the class is split into groups of varying skill levels. This differentiated instruction allows our students to achieve greater success at a quicker pace. Class time is spent cultivating critical thinking, self-expression, and independent analysis of course material.


One year advanced Mathematics is taught in JK-2nd grades as a standard, with grade level and one year advanced levels offered in 3rd-5th grades. Middle school offering 2-3 courses per grade level, including Math 6, Math 7, Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry.

Students must qualify for advanced placement based on an academic track record that demonstrates a readiness to take greater personal responsibility for their academic performance.


Our commitment to standardized testing

TerraNova 3 Achievement Test

Standardized Testing is administered to all students in 1st -8th grades.

Los Gatos Christian School administers the ACSI Edition of TerraNova, Third Edition Achievement Test. This assessment is published by CTB/McGraw-Hill, and, through its partnership with ACSI, is being made available to Christian schools across in the United States and around the world. The TerraNova 3 is a technically sound and up-to-date assessment program and provides the most recent national comparisons. Out of the three major national achievement tests available, the TerraNova 3 is used by 42% of the schools testing in the United States, which is a definitive majority of the testing demographic.

TerraNova 3 content is closely aligned to state and national standards. It is designed to measure concepts, processes, and objectives taught throughout the nation in Reading, Language, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. The ACSI Edition includes the Bible Assessment Subtest and five additional plus tests for assessment in Word Analysis, Vocabulary, Spelling, Language Mechanics, and Math Computation. This complete testing program will provide teachers and parents with performance information in all subject areas.

Because the achievement testing is such a critical component of our school’s instructional program, TerraNova 3 and the complete assessment program offers valuable information to you and to your child’s teacher about his/her academic progress. It also becomes a teaching resource for our faculty, allowing us to collect student data that, in turn, helps us make wise decisions in meeting the learning needs of each and every student individually.


Our Support Services

The Educational Care Program (ECP) provides support for students, parents and teachers. The ECP team works collaboratively to reinforce the excellence of Los Gatos Christian School so that children can reach their full potential in a confident and guided manner. By offering limited intervention programs to identified students with learning challenges, the ECP support team works with parents and teachers to assure that student needs are met thoughtfully and effectively so that change and success is achieved.

If a student is experiencing academic difficulty, the teacher and parents are expected to contact the ECP department. ECP offers the following academic support at an additional fee to those students who have been referred by the teacher through the ECP process:


NILD Educational Therapy

Referral for Educational Testing

On-campus Tutoring


Los Gatos Christian School does not offer any special education resource classrooms. Academic tutoring outside of normal school hours, during the school year, is available from several of our teachers at $40 per hour for private tutoring and $20 for group rate. Tutoring may be arranged through the classroom teacher.


Common Core and Benchmarking

Private schools pay close attention to Common Core and state standards and traditionally use them as a starting point; however, we set the bar far above the minimum state standards as an expectation for student learning. We are not bound by the same constraints as public schools, and have the ability to select curriculum and course materials from a variety of publishers which best support our educational goals for each grade level.
For in depth information on how we view and use Common Core State Standards, please click on the link below.

ACSI Core Standards